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Construction Debris Removal in Atlanta, GA

Are scrap materials and debris from demolitions littering your construction site? Is junk making it next to impossible for your busy contractors to get their jobs done safely and on time? Clear the clutter from your site with help from team specializing in construction debris removal in G.I.HAUL® Atlanta. We are the premier commercial junk removal company in the greater Atlanta, GA area.

Hassle-Free Construction Waste Disposal Near You

When it comes to keeping your site clutter-free, G.I.HAUL’s construction waste disposal crew can help in several ways.

  1. Construction Waste Pickup and Hauling Services: If debris and materials are piling up onsite, do your neighbors a favor and call G.I.HAUL®. We can quickly stop by to pick up and haul away unsightly junk!
  2. Construction Site Clean Out: As a full-service junk removal company, we can manage a site cleanup 100% on our own. Leave your debris and materials where they site today, and our team will come in, round up your junk, and take it to the landfill.

Schedule Your Construction Waste Removal Services

Ready to clear your site of debris? Our construction debris removal experts can pick up and haul away all of the following materials:

  • Lumber and scrap wood removal
  • Drywall removal
  • Scrap metal removal
  • Shingles removal
  • Concrete removal
  • Floorboard removal
  • Tiles and brick removal
  • Window removal
  • Old equipment and machinery removal
  • Insulation and siding removal

Call us at 470-207-3685 or book your appointment online. As a Veteran-owned and operated business, we prioritize impeccable service, integrity, and timeliness so you can rest assured you have trustworthy professionals on your site.



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Junk removal is not an easy job. It’s hard. It’s dirty. It takes a special type of person to do it. A person with determination. A person that is never willing to utter the words “I quit.” A person like a Military Veteran. That’s where our team comes in. G.I.HAUL® Atlanta is owned and operated by U.S. Military Veterans, and we only hire the toughest of the tough.