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Mattress Disposal Services in Austin, TX

If you’ve upgraded your mattress or box springs lately, you’re probably wondering, “How do I dispose of my old mattress in Austin, TX?” Well, the city doesn’t always make it so simple. Oftentimes, municipalities in our area have special requirements for wrapping up the mattress in plastic and leaving it on the curb for pick-up. Who has the patience to haul an awkward mattress down steps, through narrow doorways, wrap it in an enormous sheet of plastic, and all the way to the curb? That’s where G.I.HAUL® Austin comes in.

Your Local Mattress Disposal Experts

At G.I.HAUL® Austin, we take the stress and heavy lifting out of mattress disposal services in the greater Austin, TX area. When you need an old mattress or box springs hauled away, you can rely on us. Our mattress removal specialists will ensure that your used mattress is disposed of quickly and without damage to your home. Simply leave the mattress right where it is, and we’ll take care of lifting and disposal. Your back thanks you in advance!

Mattress Pick-Ups Made Simple

If you’ve already removed the mattress from your bedroom and left it in your garage or driveway, we’re happy to pick it up and haul it away. Oftentimes, we’re able to pick it up the next day. Simply give us a call at 512-348-7230 to learn more or book your mattress disposal appointment online.



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Junk removal is not an easy job. It’s hard. It’s dirty. It takes a special type of person to do it. A person with determination. A person that is never willing to utter the words “I quit.” A person like a Military Veteran. That’s where our team comes in. G.I.HAUL® Austin is owned and operated by U.S. Military Veterans, and we only hire the toughest of the tough.