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Bulk Trash Pickup Services

Whether you’re moving, remodeling, packing up an estate, or doing a deep cleanout, bulk trash is next to impossible to avoid. You’ve already worked so hard to get the job done, why worry about taking the old refrigerator down to the dump yourself? From cleanouts and yard waste to a driveway full of household garbage and appliance removal, we’ve got you covered. No matter the job or the junk, we can pick it up and haul it away.

Schedule Your Bulky Item Pickup

Here at G.I.HAUL®, we’re experts in junk and waste removal. A veteran-only owned and operated franchise, we specialize in taking your bulky item collection off of your hands and into the landfill. Featured on the A&E’s hit TV show “Hoarders”, there’s no mess too big for us to handle. We’ve seen it all and can handle any amount of waste collection. Whether you’re cleaning out a multi-family home, a household garage, or grandma’s apartment, let us do the heavy lifting.

Large Trash Pickup and Disposal

Fact is, the city garbage men in your area aren’t going to take bulk items like your mattresses, box springs, couches, or dryers to the landfill come trash collection day, resulting in those bulk items making themselves right at home on your curbside. That’s where we’ve got you covered. Removing your junk and bulk items is as easy as 1-2-3 here at G.I.HAUL®. All you have to do is give us a call, book a junk pickup at a time that works for you, and our junk removal experts will arrive on time and ready to take your bulk items. If you’re ready to get those bulky items out of sight and out of mind, schedule a bulk collection time. To get started, find a location near you and talk with our experts about booking your junk pick-up.



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