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Furniture Removal Service

Whether you are moving, doing a yearly cleanout, or just looking for a change, there will always be times when you need to remove old furniture. Most times, pieces of furniture can be big, bulky, heavy, awkward, or dirty, and moving it yourself could cause many problems. From potentially hurting yourself to having trouble navigating it from the current space to deciding what to do with it once it’s moved, there are too many unknown variables involved in what could happen when trying to move the furniture yourself. To help mitigate these potential problems, hire a fast and efficient furniture removal service to take care of the job!

Stress-Free Furniture Disposal

From office furniture to old mattresses and old couches, you can count on the junk hauling expertise of G.I.HAUL® to get rid of those items. Our Veteran-owned and operated professional junk removal franchise is equipped with the best crews in the business who can help you with any of your furniture disposal needs.

All you need to do is let us know what types of furniture you have, and we’ll come in and safely remove any unwanted items you need disposed of. So no more worrying about the hassle of bringing the large couch down the stairs, renting a dumpster to hold all the junk, or fitting the large items in a vehicle to bring them to a trash facility because we’ve got you covered! Our specialized junk removal trucks help us get out all the unwanted furniture and take care of the disposal process for you.

Large Furniture Haul Away Needs

Thanks to the great work of our G.I.HAUL® team members, you can get rid of your unwanted furniture or junk easily. We have the tools, ability, and skills to remove almost any type of furniture you have.
Furniture items we can haul away include:

  • Sofas, loveseats, couches, and recliners
  • Coffee tables
  • Dining room tables and chairs
  • Bed sets
  • Armoires
  • Bookcases and filing cabinets
  • Dressers and drawers
  • Entertainment centers
  • Cabinets and countertops
  • And much, much more

Our skilled crew + junk removal trucks = no heavy lifting for you! Just sit back and relax and let us get to work.

If you have old items that you need to get rid of and think that we could help, find a location near you today to request a quote!

Couch Disposal

Large sofas can be a pain to haul away, especially down a flight of stairs or into a vehicle. Luckily, our expert crew has the experience and tools needed to get the job done in no time. We’ll ensure a smooth process from start to finish, handling all the lifting and logistics involved.

Don’t let your old couch take up valuable space in your home. Trust us to provide reliable and convenient couch disposal services, leaving you with peace of mind and a clutter-free room. Plus, our eco-friendly approach guarantees that your junk is disposed of properly, minimizing environmental impact.

Recliner Removal

Don’t have a couch to get rid of? What about that old, faded recliner in the corner? Whatever your furniture disposal needs, we do it all!

Our trained professionals will carefully dismantle and remove your recliner, ensuring no damage is done to your property. Whether you’re renovating your home office, family room, or simply replacing outdated furniture, our team will make sure you have a stress-free experience. We’ll handle the disposal quickly and efficiently. All that’s left for you is to sit back, relax, and wave goodbye to your old recliner. Ready to get started? Find a location near you!



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