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Hoarding Cleaning Services

Fixing a hoarding situation goes beyond your typical decluttering, renovation, or seasonal home cleanout. It’s an emotional process. Hoarding is a mental health problem, and as military veterans, the G.I.HAUL® team knows mental health is a top priority. Remediation is hard for hoarders, so the cleanup process should be treated with sensitivity. No one likes to see their personal belongings thrown in the dumpster. We vow to provide exceptional hoarding cleanup services while treating you, your family member, or another loved one with respect throughout the whole process. Each hoarding cleanup is unique, but you can count on G.I.HAUL® to handle the job with care.

Specialists in Hoarder House Cleaning

Hoarding can result in hazardous conditions that may be a danger to clean yourself. That’s why we’re here for you. With years of experience, we can handle even the biggest junk removal jobs. As seen on A&E’s hit show “Hoarders“, we removed over 20 tons of junk in just four days. Whether you have 20 tons of junk or just want to start with a refrigerator, G.I.HAUL® is ready to dive into the cleaning process of any hoarder house.

Schedule Your Hoarding Clean Out

Hoarding cleanup is a serious issue. G.I.HAUL® will perform a heavy-duty home cleaning, safely removing anything from hazardous materials to animal waste or feces to just plain junk or unwanted items. From the closet to the garage, we have you covered. We are sensitive to the process and will treat the homeowner’s valuables with care during the clutter removal process to make the hoarder’s home clean and sanitary.

If you or someone you know needs to step into a cleaner, stress-free environment, G.I.HAUL® can help. Our hoarder cleaning services are efficient and affordable. Find a location near you to receive a free quote and $35 off your first junk removal.



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